Tuesday, May 20, 2008


How are you guys, yes I am in Sydney .How did the trading go today. I didn’t trade today and probably won’t be able to trade this week but I will post some charts.


Javier said...

Good to hear from you PDT.

Best of luck to you in Sydney.


Javier said...

I wrote PDT instead of PRD....SORRY MAN :)
I must be tired today.

PRD trader said...

Hi javier,ty, no problem.how did he trading go today?

javier said...

Hi PRD, today I didn´t trade today since I have personal work to do but I will start sharing my trades if you like. I am mostly trading on 30m BO on 5m candles as you were doing lately.

Tradingcharts said...

Hey Prd, Glad you to hear from you from Sydney. I hope you get settled soon and get back in action. I will be back to the US next week, so I should have ample time to chat with you :)