Tuesday, April 28, 2015

10 Reasons Trading is So Difficult

Here is why trading is so difficult:

  1. You can back test a system as much as you want but when you start trading it the profitability will be determined by the market conditions not past price history. What looks great on paper can lose on a lot of consecutive trades right at the start.
  2. Your stop can be hit and then the market go in the direction you were positioned for.
  3. Sometimes that pullback that you are waiting for to buy never comes until the trend is over.
  4. Sometimes every momentum signal you buy will be a loser for a long time.
  5. Many times the market whipsaws you in a position for absolutely no reason you can understand.
  6. Sometimes your biggest position sizes are losing trades and your smallest position sizes are the winners.
  7. There is no ‘market’ you are trading against a herd of people all making decisions for many different reasons, and they are not predictable.
  8. You can feel foolish under performing buy and holders during straight up bull markets when you’re trading in and out.
  9. Some trading lessons can’t be learned they have to be experienced with real money.
  10. Money is made and kept based on the math of probabilities, risk, and reward not because a trader is the smartest but because they are the most flexible and adaptable.

Monday, April 20, 2015

How to improve your trading psychology:

1.       Study successful traders, try to understand the reason behind their success, was it the innovative strategy gave them the success or the mindset.
2.       Get some books written by real traders, when I said real traders I mean traders become writer not writer become trader.
3.       Do some business management course, it will open your eyes, you will know, what have you been doing wrong and how to become a successful business manager.
4.       Manage your time do something when you are not trading, write a book, paint or teach someone how to trade or something that you like. Don’t just sit in front of the screen; you need to manage your time properly that you can handle the stress with logic.
5.       Set an overall vision of your future, include every in this vision. Make a set by step plan to implement the vision.
6.       Start everything small and realistic so that you become skilled risk manager when your capital grew to a sizable amount.

7.       Enjoy the benefit of your work, like any other job, you work, you get paid for that, your approach should be like this.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to gain long term success in trading!

Over the period of twelve years, I was fortunate to get to know many traders from different background. It is amazing, how common their approach towards trading is. I am not an outsider; I had the same approach when I started trading, I had no idea what trading was, but I started trading with big amount money. It is somehow in people’s mind that trading is very easy and anyone can make fortune in this business. But you know the truth; it is so difficult to make consistent profit in this market, no matter what some people say. If you know it is difficult then your will approach will be  completely different, you will be spend more time to learn the business and you will afraid to place your foot in to the market. It is important to be afraid and keep on learning.

To be continue ............

Monday, February 16, 2015

Flipper Forex trading course pro.

Module 1

Unit 1: Introduction to Forex .
Unit 2: how the Forex market works.
Unit 3: why should you trade Forex .
Unit 4 basics you need to know to start Forex trading.
Unit 5: fundamentals indicators of the currency market.
Unit 6: how to read a chart like pro.
Unit 7 : Trade Forex using only horizontal support and resistance.
Unit 8: How to trade Forex using trend line bounce.
Unit 9: Trend line breakout and price measured move.
Unit 10: How to Trade channel bounce and breakout.
Unit 11: trading candlestick pattern combine with support and resistance.
Unit 12: trading price pattern with price action.
Unit 13: trade breakout without failure.             
Unit 14: how to trade second test with more success.
Unit 15: Understanding market manipulation and trade like one of them.
Unit 16: how to know and trade market peak and bottom.
Unit 17: how to trade moving average high low close with success.
Unit 18: how to trade moving average crossover with success.

Module 2:

Unit 1: How much money can you make trading forex ?
Unit 2: why trading is a mental game?
Unit 3: Psychology of a winning trader.
Unit 4: how to trade like robot and compounding your capital.

Module 3:

Unit 1:   Trading system 1
Unit 2:   Trading system 2

Unit 3 :  Trading system 3

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I am a real trader because i am wrong a lot,but still make money.

99 pips inGBP/AUD ,35 pips in GBP/USD

Forex, how to win it?

Power of price action, confluence with pattern analysis is the answer to success in the Forex market. Unpredictability of market can never be overcome but if you contribute to this chaos than there is no way you will survive in this market for long. I was mentoring a traders last month, I was so surprised how random people can be, there is no predictability in human behavior at all? I taught him importance of capital management and preservation but when he started trading in demo, his random behavior started show when there is a drawdown .Is it too tough to be tough when comes to trading. My advice to traders how are still not profitable, please drop your natural act (we are naturally random) be super discipline, you will amazed how your trading improve

Monday, September 3, 2012

Result August 2012

Not an exciting month in any aspect of trading. Market is extremely volatile and it stroke my return on capital.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trade results june 2012

I made few trades based on longer term time frame ,you can also see i made few good trades ,over 100 pips gain.I wish to continue more on quality set up other then quantity of trades.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some trades from today

I had a busy trading day, went for few trades and missed a good one. Looks like I shouldn’t have got out of the USD-CAD ,all others looks good.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Monthly trade report

I have decided to post monthly trade report of one of my account, just to show the power of compounding to my students.