Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two trades

SINA was in my long list for morning play but I hesitate to take early entry and i missed nice gain.Hope you guys had good day.


Javier said...


Good trades !!!

I was wondering what is your Exit Strategy since you seem to get out of the trade at the right time before Reversal.

I am still paper trading and trying to develop a system on 30m breakout on 5m candle very similar to your strategy.

Your links and charts have been very helpfull.

Thanks in advance,


p/d: I look at Malmö on the Map and is in the South of Sweden in front on Denmark. Very nice !!!!

PRD trader said...

Hi javier,ty.i use 6 different techinic but not all of them in the same trade.If u see my old posts i always left money on the table thats why usually i able to get out before big reversal.Some traders hold on their trade long that their winners become losers.You have make a plane according to you exit strategies

1.i use time & sale
2.20 CCI
3.5 EMA
4.Shadow of the candle
5.side by side candle
6.total time of the trade

Javier said...


As you said, I looked at your charts and saw that you were able to improve your exits. I am still at the point that I leave money on the table or winners become losers to my stop loss or break even.

If you like, you can explain more in detail how these 6 strategies work on your charts or in a separate post. If it is too much work you can show me a link explaining these strategies or e-mail me at javischvartzer@hotmail.com.



p/d: Below is a link, I think you will enjoy and you can add to your post with many breakout strategies.


JF David said...

nice use of continuation pattern on the SINA trade. nice 6R pofit on that trade!

PRD trader said...

Ty david