Friday, September 26, 2008

Why should i only trade high probability set ups.

High probability set ups along with better risk and reward trades can change your trading account over night.You don't need to trade every single day if your system says there is zero trade,you shouldn't push your system to produce a mediocre set up.This is the biggest problem for the traders who easily get bored and end up trading poor set ups. Trading is not for your Entertainment ,if you enjoy trading thats good but you have to protect capital,this is only possible when you will stop doing that.Always look for better entries,before you enter a trade you have 100% control over your money.As soon you enter a trade ,market will have partial control,you have only control over your exit thats it.So look for better risk :reward set ups. OI gave us the high probability low risk set-up. 1:10 = risk: reward,which is amazing.

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