Monday, October 27, 2008

Trading Rules

1.Keep records of your trading results.

2. Keep detail record of you entry, exit and stop and write it on the chart .some trader even video their trading to see what mistake they made during trading session.

3.Keep a positive attitude, what ever happened in the last trade or yesterday is past; you can not change it so concentrate on the new trade.

4. Don't take the your trading where ever you go, keep to your self.

5. Successful traders are not afraid to buy new high and sell new low.

6.Successful traders study the markets every day

7.Successful traders isolate themselves from others peoples opinions.

8. Success comes for patience, determination, and rational action


kristel. said...

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StockHunter said...

I totaly agree, my rules are very similar and they have helped me a lot.

PRD trader said...

Hi kristel,
ty for your kind information,i will think about it.

Stock hunter,
trading without rules is like gambling with your business,i think what i have learned so far in my trading career is,discipline is the other name of the success.