Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What should you look for in a trading system?

1. Profitability: This is a must when we look for a system .Lowering the risk factor and increasing the reward is simply the answer to a profitable system

2. Probability: One of the important elements of a trading system, but it does not always mean it will be a profitable trading system, if the proper money management is not in use.
3. Consistency: Without consistency we will not be able to breath in the on going changing market condition. A consistently profitable system will pick up some drawdown as soon as the extreme condition is over.

4.Flexibility: Providing Simple, Easy and Powerful System which can be used in any time frame and on any financial instrument.


Intraday Tips said...

I think it is better to write down the trading system on paper, and read it every morning before you take trades. And yeah, stick to it :)

day trading software said...

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