Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trade results August 2011

Very volatile market condition makes me stopped out few times this week ,except those big hit it was an average month.


Sith-Trader said...

i definitely interested with your method, but why sell it? the more people using the system the higher chance the method will fail. u can easily enter position when there's noone enter. Imagine 1000 traders enter at same time same price same broker.

the only reason why i still profitable till now because NOBODY ELSE enter at the same time.

PRD trader said...

Hi sith,i dont agree with you,i belive more people use the method more successful it become.One trader will never able to move the market.The move we see in the market ,because of many traders see the exact pattern or what ever they are looking for at the same time.

since you are profitable ,i think you should stick to system that you are using now.Most traders fail because of chaning system too often.

I wanna sell my system,because i am confident that who ever will use this method will make money as soon as they use this system.

you can talk to me on the skype address:prdtrader1.

chexsystems bank said...

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