Monday, February 16, 2015

Flipper Forex trading course pro.

Module 1

Unit 1: Introduction to Forex .
Unit 2: how the Forex market works.
Unit 3: why should you trade Forex .
Unit 4 basics you need to know to start Forex trading.
Unit 5: fundamentals indicators of the currency market.
Unit 6: how to read a chart like pro.
Unit 7 : Trade Forex using only horizontal support and resistance.
Unit 8: How to trade Forex using trend line bounce.
Unit 9: Trend line breakout and price measured move.
Unit 10: How to Trade channel bounce and breakout.
Unit 11: trading candlestick pattern combine with support and resistance.
Unit 12: trading price pattern with price action.
Unit 13: trade breakout without failure.             
Unit 14: how to trade second test with more success.
Unit 15: Understanding market manipulation and trade like one of them.
Unit 16: how to know and trade market peak and bottom.
Unit 17: how to trade moving average high low close with success.
Unit 18: how to trade moving average crossover with success.

Module 2:

Unit 1: How much money can you make trading forex ?
Unit 2: why trading is a mental game?
Unit 3: Psychology of a winning trader.
Unit 4: how to trade like robot and compounding your capital.

Module 3:

Unit 1:   Trading system 1
Unit 2:   Trading system 2

Unit 3 :  Trading system 3


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