Monday, April 20, 2015

How to improve your trading psychology:

1.       Study successful traders, try to understand the reason behind their success, was it the innovative strategy gave them the success or the mindset.
2.       Get some books written by real traders, when I said real traders I mean traders become writer not writer become trader.
3.       Do some business management course, it will open your eyes, you will know, what have you been doing wrong and how to become a successful business manager.
4.       Manage your time do something when you are not trading, write a book, paint or teach someone how to trade or something that you like. Don’t just sit in front of the screen; you need to manage your time properly that you can handle the stress with logic.
5.       Set an overall vision of your future, include every in this vision. Make a set by step plan to implement the vision.
6.       Start everything small and realistic so that you become skilled risk manager when your capital grew to a sizable amount.

7.       Enjoy the benefit of your work, like any other job, you work, you get paid for that, your approach should be like this.


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