Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fit for summer

Gisele Bunchen

Choose a daily breakfast, lunch and dinner and two of the healthy snacks from the list below...


Porridge with skimmed milk, handful of fresh berries

Granary toast, peanut butter

Granary toast with poached egg and grilled tomatoes

Low-fat yoghurt with sprinkling of chopped nuts

Tomato and goat's cheese omelette


Can of vegetable soup with lentils and beans

Wholemeal wrap filled with hummus and salad

Can of sardines in tomato sauce on granary toast

Lemon and herb couscous salad with grilled chicken pieces

Tuna salad with boiled egg and green beans


Grilled salmon with lemon and garlic, new potatoes and steamed mixed veg

Vegetarian chilli with kidney beans served with basmati rice

Cod grilled with basil and a little mozzarella served with a selection of leafy green veg

Chicken and vegetable stir-fry served with rice noodles or brown rice if possible

Small lean grilled steak served with roasted red pepper, courgette and butternut squash


Two oatcakes, cottage cheese

Handful of unsalted almonds

Small fruit yoghurt

Nut-based cereal bar

Any fruit

Handful of olives

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